About This Project

In this area, we go further than producing fashion shows on a catwalk. We develop customized concepts for events such as fashion shows, parades, colour and styling tips events, jeans pimping events, care and beauty events, and auctions with famous personalities. During these events, we are eager to generate more footfall in shopping centres in line with our clients’ wishes. SESSIBON takes care of every part of production, and also goes that one step further: we anticipate the opportunities TV formats provide, draw up scripts, and support our clients in order to get the most out of their own concepts. In Germany, for example, SESSIBON is producing a range of large fashion events in shopping centres together with the TV programmes Germany’s Next Topmodel and Shopping Queen. We are also working with our permanent technical partner so that we can respond to our clients’ wishes in the same high-quality manner. Just like at all of our fashion events, SESSIBON acts as the permanent contact point for clients.



Concept, production, technology, stage management, video, models, hair and make-up, styling, choreography, catwalk technique and lead generation for more sales.