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Dance Clash

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Make your shopping area dance! SESSIBON attracts a wide audience to the right place with good vibes.

Over 30 acts provide an entertaining programme on a stage built for them. During the dance battle, solo, duo and group performances in every dance style have the opportunity to showcase their dancing skills. Many local but also nationally known acts, such as 'De Daddies', dance on this stage to win. Judges such as Benito Deane and Pascal Maassen judge the performances in terms of technique, look and the overall performance.

The participants are recruited via local dance schools and social media, turning this into a social event. Dance connects everyone. Both offline and online.

And we truly mean everyone. In Mosae Forum, Maastricht, Danceclash was so popular that the audience filled the entire square. Danceclash is an attraction and a showstopper.


Mosae Forum Maastricht, Maasboulevard Venlo, Centrum Management Geleen



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